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  • Mati_(POL): fuck man 2010 this server felt different. i wasted some time on this game, but man it was worth it. it felt great playing outdated maps; man i was younger and stupid happy jumping bmx bike. i was happy. thank you
    2021-05-01 01:01:36
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2019-09-01 18:29:34 by Surge | Views: 12231 | Comments: 3

Some new maps have been added to our DM Server, the list is as follows:

[DM] 1thwonder Vol.1 - Came, Saw, Conquered
[DM] 1thwonder Vol.4 - Interstellar
[DM] Acer ft. ElCrow ft. NiK3R ft. Sonic - AENS
[DM] Alcatraz ft. Zebra ft. Cosa_Nostra ft. Miketz - Classic Vibes II
[DM] AlcatrazZ - Personal Jesus
[DM] AlcatrazZ ft. L!nK ft. CristiaN - Follow The Light
[DM] AlcatrazZ Vol3 - For The Love Of My Life B.P
[DM] Almanov ft. Sendy - Renovation
[DM] AlpisT - Heaven
[DM] AlpisT - Rose Red
[DM] AlvarO Vol.2 - Golden Sauce
[DM] AndreaS Vol.1 - Deceleration
[DM] aNDy Vol.8 - Unforgettable Night III
[DM] AnTi-Z ft. AquiL - Smooth Upsurge
[DM] AnTi-Z ft. ShondeX ft. Chipy - Harmony
[DM] AquiL ft. Dimi ft. Pixel ft. Flash - Solitude
[DM] AquiL ft. ShuX - Sheer Madness II
[DM] AquiL Vol.4 - Galaxy of Dreams II
[DM] Arrow - Compelling Ability
[DM] Arrow - Compelling Ability II
[DM] Arrow - For The Love of Pastanistan Skills
[DM] Arrow Vol.4 - Close To Perfection
[DM] Arrow Vol.5 - Decadence
[DM] Arrow Vol.6 - Payback of Perfection
[DM] Ave ft. FataL ft. Skaarj - Elevation II
[DM] Bak Vol.2 - Blissful Solitude
[DM] Banshee ft. Dean - Trust Issues
[DM] Banshee Vol.27 - Coastal Tour
[DM] Bc ft. Dean ft. TheNicO ft. Yukihira - Rapid Sensations
[DM] BeaTeX# Ft. *iRaven Ft. AnTi-Z - Freedom FighterZ
[DM] BenjaZ ft. Gerc ft. Tomas ft. Dioni - Dunes
[DM] BenjaZ ft. LinK - Initium
[DM] BenjaZ ft. Moamen - Under Pressure II
[DM] BenjaZ Vol.3 - Under Pressure
[DM] BenjaZ Vol.4 - Ultraviolence
[DM] Beny ft. FlinT - Don'#039t Bang My Line
[DM] Beny ft. FlinT - For Noobs III
[DM] BlackStar ft. Exodo - Pegasus
[DM] Blue ft. Spotlight ft. FrooN - Wild West
[DM] BreAkeR ft. Skyline ft. JessE ft. Tony ft. Zeke - Croatian Trixters
[DM] BrendaN ft. Dean - Invincible
[DM] BriaN ft. Andro ft. AxEroX ft. BreAkeR - Sunlit County
[DM] BriaN ft. Banshee - Nostalgic Area Of Skill
[DM] BriaN ft. Cosa_Nostra ft. Banshee ft. BrokeN ft. ReazZon - Sunlit County II
[DM] BriaN ft. CresheZ ft. BrokeN - Do You Even Sweep Bro?
[DM] BriaN ft. GeroX ft. NoType - Summer Spirit
[DM] BriaN ft. ShuX - Maritime Monster
[DM] BriaN ft. UppeR - Like Kenny
[DM] BrighT Vol.3 - Infinite Darkness
[DM] BrighT Vol.5 - Uncharitable II
[DM] BrO - Lights In The Night
[DM] BrO Ft TonyX - Dreams Paradise
[DM] BrO v11 - Sound Of Victory II
[DM] Brown ft. Moita ft. Dan ft. Jonny - Glorious Evolution
[DM] BuDyA'#039s Vol.14 - Nothing Left
[DM] BuDyA'#039s Vol.15 - Blackout
[DM] BuDyA'#039s Vol.16 - Dark Fantasy
[DM] BuzZ ft. Ryze - Mental Experts
[DM] CarmY - Cometite
[DM] CarmY - Old Feelings
[DM] CarmY - Skilled Cabbie
[DM] CarmY Vol.3 - FatalitY!
[DM] CarmY Vol.4 - FatalitY II
[DM] CarmY Vol.5 - Modern Physics
[DM] CarmY Vol.6 - Modern Physics II
[DM] CarmY Vol.7 - Shine In The Dark
[DM] CarmY Vol.8 - Shine In The Dark II
[DM] Castiell Ft. R3hab Ft. #PaaKe! ft. Esp4wN - Night Fury!
[DM] Ceeser : Uncontrolled Skills - Tryhard
[DM] Ceeser ft. Atomix ft. CHRS - Back To The Roots
[DM] Ceeser ft. PaVcIoo - Enter The Nexus
[DM] Ceeser ft. PaVcIoo - Nexus Core
[DM] CharmY ft. Sendy - Shine A Light
[DM] Cheetah Vol.10 - Industrial Area Of Skill III
[DM] Cheetah Vol.11 - These Days
[DM] Cheetah Vol.7 - Headlights
[DM] Cheetah Vol.9 - The One
[DM] CheiN ft. TurBo ft. Chipy - Colourfest
[DM] Chipy - Awake
[DM] Chipy - Awake II
[DM] Chipy - Cavern
[DM] Chipy - Descendant'#039s Skills
[DM] Chipy - For The Love Of D0GGy
[DM] Chipy - Green
[DM] Chipy - Green III
[DM] Chipy - IntensitE.
[DM] Chipy - Remembering Black And Yellow
[DM] Chipy - Sultan Ride
[DM] Chipy - Unstoppable
[DM] Chipy ft. Gasoil - Farragoous
[DM] Chipy ft. KATGE ft. L!nK^^ - Loneliness Bright
[DM] Chipy ft. ShuX ft. Simple - Egyptian Desert II
[DM] Chipy Vol.8 - SNOWY
[DM] Chipy Vol.9 - Illusionism III
[DM] CHRS v3 - Talented Nature
[DM] Conquer ft. Never ft. Style - Critical Angle
[DM] Cookie ft. Corrupt - Inner Fury II
[DM] Cookie ft. Every - Shine Again
[DM] Cookie ft. LeX - Nature Overload VI
[DM] Cookie ft. Money - Sunrise Valley
[DM] Cookie ft. RockZ - Canyons Of Glory II
[DM] Cookie ft. Roy4L - Time 2 Drive
[DM] Cookie ft. ViskuZ ft. Flash - Reactions
[DM] Cookie ft. Viskuz ft. Flash - Reactions II
[DM] CooL ft. R3hab ft. #TREMOR - Determinable World
[DM] CopaS ft. R1KUZ ft. L!nK^^ - Forbidden Way
[DM] CoReL ft. C4rL ft. SynchroNice ft. Skaarj - PillarS
[DM] Corex ft. Banshee - Desperations
2018-05-26 09:45:24 by Crys | Views: 9877 | Comments: 0

Our servers have been moved to a new location.

The godclan.hu domain points to the new IP address, and you can find it on the Server page too.
2018-04-02 10:51:40 by DMNK’ | Views: 9141 | Comments: 0

Hello everybody!

We would like to invite everybody to our GoD Discord server! Voice chat and chat rooms, informations about wars and the server. I recommend it to everybody, who is not anti-social and likes talking.

>>Click to join<<

Dominik and Gyu
2018-04-01 14:46:45 by Surge | Views: 10890 | Comments: 5

Today, all bans have been removed from our servers, so even those who have been unable to join due to the fact that they have been banned from the server can now join the server, because of the fact that the previously mentioned bans have now been removed. Furthermore, I've started selecting the DM maps, which means that some new maps will be added and existing ones will be re-examined. Have a nice day!
2017-04-10 20:55:14 by Crys | Views: 9659 | Comments: 0

Our servers have been moved to a new VPS - this was the cause of the outage on the weekend.

The godclan.hu domain points to the new IP address, and you can find it on the Server page too.
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