[DD] Crooked by D&A

Mode: Destruction Derby
Played: 3,861
Author: D&A
Added: 2013-12-30 18:30:39
Last played: Yesterday at 22:56:05
Rating: 30
Music: None

 NickTotal1st 2nd3rdFinishesKills
1.~> Chat | TW | Fun <~ 663115113116635523
2.Gladiators of Darkness439896668404410
3.Haresz team276544350249224
4.|| HardCore Clan ||209322823179179
5.Hold The Fort249303243233179
6.Russian Mafia1032419239699
7.MS ELITE SQUAD162221920137117
8.[CwC] Cuz we Can110211179376
9.Training and Drive11117151010398
10.|Genetic Paradoxon|15415171114388
11.Expert Perspective!821517117373
13.no advance1891391917185
14.3XR. 3XR-team.tk1011217149184
16.| The Avengers | AVS |571015135348
18.World stunt Evolution|1239111211569
19.get rekt448613738
20.Natural Born Kilers95810118063

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