Cool Warriors

Rank: 21st
Members: 8
Total: 46,928
1st: 1,435
2nd: 381
3rd: 108
Finishes: 1,913
Kills: 4

 Map Total1st2nd3rdFinishesKills
1.[DM] 0wN Vol.5 - A Red Letter Day2300000
2.[DM] 1thwonder Vol.1 - Came, Saw, Conquered100000
3.[DM] A.KickEr Vol.4 - Beyond The City2600000
4.[DM] AbodyRulez ft. TenTimes - Dark Doomsday25100000
5.[DM] AbodyRulez ft. WW - Dark Glare II12200000
6.[DM] AbodyRulez Vol.4 - Dark Glare6000000
7.[DM] AbodyRulez Vol.5 - For The Love Of JameS5600000
8.[DM] Action Vol.10 - Dark Rain II3400000
9.[DM] Action Vol.4 - Breathtaking Paradise1600000
10.[DM] Action Vol.6 - Madness Florest II1200000
11.[DM] Action Vol.7 - Cold Skills13530030
12.[DM] Action Vol.8 - Dark Rain1810010
13.[DM] Action Vol.9 - Madness Florest III5911020
14.[DM] ALV Vol.10 - In Crescendo1191532190
15.[DM] ALV Vol.11 - Hit the floor641020120
16.[DM] AmiabLe Vol.10 - Intuition100000
17.[DM] AmiabLe Vol.8 - Levitate2511020
18.[DM] AmiabLe Vol.9 - Draw A Line II2400000
19.[DM] AmonRa Vol.2 - Improved Island2300000
20.[DM] AmonRa Vol.3 - Hold It Down II1610010

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