Gladiators of Darkness

Rank: 1st
Members: 37
Total: 6,842
1st: 1,634
2nd: 890
3rd: 399
Finishes: 2,584
Kills: 0

 Map Total1st2nd3rdFinishesKills
1.[RACE] [Try] Tampa Drift1133050
2.[RACE] [Try] Turismo Drift620030
3.[RACE] 10Lap Hotring941260
4.[RACE] 2 yalleV gninthgiL520020
5.[RACE] 3 bridges200000
6.[RACE] 3 Element510010
7.[RACE] 303621030
8.[RACE] 3Lap Dirtring - Season 4 version931140
9.[RACE] 4x4 Halal Kanyon520020
10.[RACE] 4x4 Terep Rally711020
11.[RACE] 5Lap 8track321020
12.[RACE] 666811120
13.[RACE] 7777924070
14.[RACE] 8008135420020
15.[RACE] 900LV501020
16.[RACE] a bridge too far200000
17.[RACE] A Walk in the Park622040
18.[RACE] Abberley1212140
19.[RACE] Adhesion1012130
20.[RACE] Adjustment1120020

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