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Rank: 12th
Members: 2
Total: 1,776
1st: 464
2nd: 463
3rd: 241
Finishes: 1,063
Kills: 7

 MapTotal 1st2nd3rdFinishesKills
1.[RACE] Short Drag52241821470
2.[RACE] Tma-Sa-7-Short15932120
3.[RACE] Mesa GP short12953110
4.[RACE] Follow The Road821030
5.[RACE] Caddy Falls 2720040
6.[RACE] Dockjammer741060
7.[RACE] imolaesque631040
8.[RACE] Buggy611140
9.[RACE] Carquake part3600000
10.[RACE] LV Sprint600340
11.[RACE] tunnel truble610010
12.[RACE] close racing 12651160
13.[RACE] Red Line On The Sky600000
14.[RACE] MSDrag612150
15.[RACE] Sandking Sprint634050
16.[RACE] Mountain drag520020
17.[RACE] Kanyon Tura501010
18.[RACE] Remarkable501010
19.[RACE] Chokepoint502130
20.[RACE] Wraith513030

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