Rank: 39th
Members: 6
Total: 422
1st: 194
2nd: 101
3rd: 30
Finishes: 272
Kills: 5

 Map Total1st2nd3rdFinishesKills
1.[RACE] [Try] Tampa Drift110010
2.[RACE] 10Lap Hotring110010
3.[RACE] 3 Element111010
4.[RACE] 303101010
5.[RACE] 4x4 Terep Rally110010
6.[RACE] 666100010
7.[RACE] 7777110010
8.[RACE] Adhesion110010
9.[RACE] Aeroport200000
10.[RACE] AirFlip(1)723250
11.[RACE] Airport Speedway - Season 4 version110010
12.[RACE] Another airport racetrack100110
13.[RACE] Apollo12760100
14.[RACE] back around the block311020
15.[RACE] Back to reality100000
16.[RACE] Baltika1096090
17.[RACE] Banshee Run110010
18.[RACE] Beerfactory drag221020
19.[RACE] Bike blaze 2110010
20.[RACE] bizarr3 lov3 triangl3100010

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