1.AddictWaste 25 hours of your life playing on our servers.250 XP2013-12-31 03:18:30
2.GeekWaste 100 hours of your life playing on our servers.1,000 XP2013-12-31 03:18:30
3.Uber GeekWaste 250 hours of your life playing on our servers.2,500 XP2013-12-31 03:18:30
4.New Year's GeekJoin our servers on New Year's Eve after 11:00 PM.300 XP2013-12-31 12:12:25
5.KillerKill 50 players on DD maps.250 XP2013-12-31 14:03:36
6.DestroyerKill 500 players on DD maps.2,500 XP2013-12-31 14:03:36
7.Killing MachineKill 1500 players on DD maps.7,500 XP2013-12-31 14:03:36
8.DD WinnerWin 25 times on DD maps.250 XP2013-12-31 14:34:31
9.DD ProWin 100 times on DD maps.1,000 XP2013-12-31 14:34:31
10.DD GodlikeWin 250 times on DD maps.2,500 XP2013-12-31 14:34:31
11.DM Finish 25Finish 25 times on DM maps.500 XP2013-12-31 17:03:42
12.DM Finish 100Finish 100 times on DM maps.2,000 XP2013-12-31 17:03:42
13.DM Finish 250Finish 250 times on DM maps.5,000 XP2013-12-31 17:03:42
14.Talk-TalkSay 100.000 characters on our servers.1,000 XP2014-01-01 19:22:25
15.Chat AddictSay 500.000 characters on our servers.5,000 XP2014-01-01 19:22:25
16.WindbagSay 1.500.000 characters on our servers.15,000 XP2014-01-01 19:22:25
17.NoliferWaste 1000 hours of your life playing on our servers.10,000 XP2014-07-05 09:58:55
18.RampageKill 5000 players on DD maps.15,000 XP2014-07-06 10:39:31
19.King of DDWin 1000 times on DD maps.7,500 XP2014-07-06 10:41:08
20.DM Finish 500Finish 500 times on DM maps.10,000 XP2014-07-06 10:41:37

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