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Title: BlacK's DD JR
Post by: MTMon6 on 2019-02-05 19:01:18
Nickname: BlacK
Previous names: Neocortex
My serial: A9F15E632051B9EA500FDC8F4E76AEB4
Date of birth: 08.05.2001
Location: Azerbaijan, Baku
Playing since: 2012
Previous clans: wF| - World Force - Clan Closed , [TaD] - Training And Drive - I leave because bad relationship with the leader , Pwn. - Forgot the full name - Clan Closed , [SS] - SuperStarZ - Clan Closed, [AL] - Always Lucky - Its my clan i close it,  xN# - Nitrous Racing - Kicked, -mLC - Mad Lion Crew  - Kicked [CN] - Cosa Nostra - Left. , #UP| - Unlimited Power - Kicked.
I'm skilled at (DD or DM): DD
I play, played here: -
Spoken languages: English , Azerbaijan , Turkish
Skype address: yusif.rehmanzade
Maps I'm best on: Cross S15 , Cross ZY , Wankestein Crooked , Cross MEY
Why I want to join the clan: Because this team is good and i wanted join.
Why should we accept You: Im not bad player and i think im useful guy.
Other information: I can make mybb , ips forum and other things.
Title: Re: BlacK's DD JR
Post by: Ferrari on 2019-02-13 00:04:30