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Title: Chuckie
Post by: chuckiee on 2019-04-28 17:21:37
Nickname: Chuckie
Previous names: Chuckie
My serial: D2C664D5FB9E7D762C9C21D17D3D1092
Date of birth: 2002.11.30 - 17 Years Old.
Location: I'm living in Turkey.
Playing since: I'm playing since 2019.
Previous clans: God Bless (BG) | Dance With Coyete [DC] - I know there's no more teams. Because i don't like jumping clan to clan.
I'm skilled at (DD or DM): Destruction Derby.
I play, played here: I am playing in FFS.
Spoken languages: Turkish - English.
Skype address:
Maps I'm best on: Cross S15 - Cross ZY - BAW
Why I want to join the clan: I was looking for a serious and permanent team and I found what I was looking for.
Why should we accept You: I don't know exactly what to say. I started playing this game in 2009 and I have a lot of experience. I've done many team wars. It certainly helps to break the morale and help.
Other information: I'm playing computer games. The games I play MTA, CS: GO and LoL are my favorite games, LoL is a really fluent and fun game. I also watch TV series and movies. My favorite series is Game of Thrones my favorite movie is Interstellar.
Title: Re: Chuckie
Post by: fear on 2019-04-29 20:14:25
god luk caki
Title: Re: Chuckie
Post by: Ferrari on 2019-05-02 20:20:12