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[TUT] Scripts for DD Server
2015-04-22 11:57:35

nice Scoreboard for CW server
* Rename it to scoreboard
* delete old scoreboard
* upload this scoreboard
* start and enjoy

*anti-mod for dd server

*clan war script for dd server

*Kills for DD Server
- Displays the number of murders in the Scoreboard
- Displays a message about the murder
- Display a message if you killed
- F7 homicide statistics for the current round

/resetkills - reset counter killings in the Scoreboard

*afk status on scoreboard

*radar with health for dd server

* DD/DM/FDD/Shooter/Race Maps Pack (300-400 maps)

* Race maps pack for server

* DM maps pack for server

* Main DD maps with spawn

* 71 dd maps pack

if u need any script , just write here and i will find it for u
Thanks for watching this topic , i think its useful.
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Re: [TUT] Scripts for DD Server
#1 2017-11-09 16:13:37
who can give this scoreboard


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Re: [TUT] Scripts for DD Server
#2 2017-12-28 06:20:52
I have a pretty car. I want to dress you like you mod.


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