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Join request sample
2012-02-27 14:34:05
If you want to join our clan, post a new topic in this forum with your nick as subject and your post should look like this:

Code: [Select]
Previous names:
My serial:
Date of birth:
Playing since:
Previous clans:
I'm skilled at (DD or DM):
I play, played here:
Spoken languages:
Skype address:
Maps I'm best on:
Why I want to join the clan:
Why should we accept You:
Other information:

About maps:
In DM its important, becaues we'll test your skills on your best plus on our maps.
In DD its only informational for us.
Required maps for DM test: Hawt v4, Lx v3, Impel Down, norbi vol.5, Snake v10

About serial number:

Why needed: Because a lot of fakers and kids try request again and again.
You can find your serial:
In MTA Main Menu press F8, then write serial without "/"!
And your serial will be on the chatlog after you pressed Enter.
My serial is: 92BDE40FBC394390E0D4498A55F67D52
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