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Srunweldx's Join Request
2019-01-06 21:13:07
Nickname: Srunweldx
Previous names: BlackLine#!
Serial: 6901CF97636CD3EA3A7F7C48B0BC2233
Date of birth: 10.25.2001
Playing Since: 2010

Previous Clans:
>VIP< - Very Important Players |Head of DD| Left
[DL] - Destruction Derby Legends |Member| Closed
[BO] - Blood Out |Member| Closed
[VI] - Vikings |Member| Left
[Hex] - Extreme Hen-tai | Founder | İnactive
[RoD] - Ride Or Die |Member | Closed
[HWA] - Hard Ware Arena | Member | Closed

I'm skilled at (DD or DM): DD

I play, played here: DDC , SR , FT , MX , MTA-TURKEY , TDD , TRDD and a lot of servers

Spoken languages: TR , ENG

Skype address: SztSrunweldx

Maps I'm best on: All Cross maps

Why I want to join the clan:  I've been looking for a long time good clan
I thought the [GoD] clan very good

Why should we accept You:  because I can play very good ,
I can get along with GoD team and my dude Furkan''Amonra''

Other information: My Name is Mehmet and I live in Turkey/Istanbul , I'm 18 years old
I'm studying in high school electirical deparment , I like watching anime or movies.
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Re: Srunweldx's Join Request
#1 2019-01-12 15:16:41
I love Naruto, that's a + but the clan is full. Declined.


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