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Quality JR
2019-04-28 20:08:28
Nickname: Quality
Previous Name: Bounce - Robin
My Serial: 81EC3D63841C7414796E800E79B1BA54
Date Of Birth: 07.07.2001
Location: Turkey
Playing since: 2014
Previous clans: MvP - ArG - JK - DMC
I'm skilled at (DD or DM):DD
I play, played here: Turkiye-DD , ffs
Spoken languages: TTurkish - English
Skype address: live:sdapsldaspdl
Maps I'm best on: Cross S15 - Destruction Water

Why I want to join the clan: GoD is a good clan and I was hoping to join for a long time and and I want to play with good players here

Why should we accept You: I am calm and patient and I always treat my teammates with respect and
positivity  I am experienced in this game. I will be able to help you in clan battles and be a useful player for the team

Other information: My name is Ilker, I am 17 years old. I like watching anime and series
I like to play Lol and csgo, I like to play basketball and I draw anime as a hobby

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Re: Quality JR
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GL :)


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Re: Quality JR
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