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Eldritch JR
2019-05-04 22:20:36
Nickname: Eldritch
Previous Name: FoliveX
My Serial: BBEF895412E3A8EA0A904BF00D4A80F2
Date Of Birth: 28.11.2003
Location: Turkey
Playing since: 2016
Previous clans: xN UP| DMC// R3P| dff. [RsR]
I'm skilled at (DD or DM):DD
I play, played here: Turkiye-DD
Spoken languages: Turkish - English
Skype address: live:muhammedbilek44
Maps I'm best on: Cross S15 - Cross y

Why I want to join the clan: The God clan is a very beautiful and long-established clan and I believe that I will develop my talents here and gain a reputation in the EU

Why should we accept You: Because if I combine my own skills with your team game, I believe we can come to a good place, we can beat many teams, and I always try my best to win if we lose.

Other information: My name is Muhammad friends briefly called me '' Mami ''I love to play football and I play football in an amateur club and swimming is an indispensable activity for me.Also,I like watching movies and movies.


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Re: Eldritch JR
#1 2019-05-05 19:58:37
- bad player , he havent skills for cw or like this .


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Re: Eldritch JR
#2 2019-05-24 14:34:01


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