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Join Request
2019-05-23 22:55:28
Nickname: .::JV::.
Previous names: *Sonic// and Tom-.-
Date of birth: 2002.01.28 - 17 years old
Location: México
Playing Since: 2014, i´m playing since 2014, but my computer stopped working last year.
Previous Clan: I belonged to an alternative clan of ffs, I used to call myself | ffs | - Tom *
I'm skilled at (DD or DM): Deathmatch
I play: I used to play on a server called DSL and ffs
Languages: Spanish - English
Skype address:  I do not use Skype
Maps I'm best on:  I do not remember but I think there are 10 maps including FLO, Budya's, Sebas.
Why i want to join the clan]:I would like to join the clan because I loved this server, it has everything that someone needs, and in my opinion it is among the best, and I started playing again last week after one year
Why should we accept You: Why not? I mean... y really love this server, and i I will give all of my skills to be on the top with all of you.
Other information: I like play football, xbox, computer, play guitar, and eat pizza.
Thanks for your time: a greeting.


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Re: Join Request
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