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Matrex's Join request
2019-09-25 14:31:18
Nickname: Matrex

Previous names:I don't have

My serial: 08DDA5D0484FB79A0EA93355FD397844

Date of birth: 2000/3/5

Location: Egypt

Playing since: 2012

Previous clans:
 Des. Desecration | Member | Closed
 [zGs] Zero Gravity Stunters | Trial | Closed
 RS| Renn Sport | Member | Closed
 SHC// Small Hustlers Crew | DD Manager | Left due to inactive
 /TfF\ The Favoured Few | DD Manager | Left due to problems with some members
 B# Project Beast | Member | Left due to inactive
[HSS] HyperSonicSnakes | Member | Left

I'm skilled at (DD or DM): DD

I play, played here: At the moment i play only CWs and Turkiye-DD

Spoken languages: Italy, English, Arabic

Skype address: ahmed.anis333

Maps I'm best on: S15 SSY

Why I want to join the clan:
My main reason is ofc to grow the clan in gameplay aspect. and I would love to join [GoD] so I may gain more experience in Well-Made Clan. be a part of something new and exciting, I am also expirienced with leadership/organization, so if you're in a need of an extra hand at organizing events or anything I'm always up for it. also [GoD] has some of the best friendly players in MTA, well matured and experienced. That's why i would like to join this clan

Why should we accept You:
I would like to express my experience with you, I consider myself as a loyal friendly and good behavior person, I can managing tournaments and servers aswell, I also can participate in all of the clan activities since i have got some driving skills at RACE and Shooter. i have a lot of time so i'll be usefully with clanwars, also i am searching for a clan with rules and to be stable in it with lovely  players, . My intention is to have the well-being among all people because this is just a game, i am also looking for a clan to stay long time there until the end of my career.
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Re: Matrex's Join request
#1 2019-09-28 10:44:11
Declined! We have enough players.


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