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Rekkles JR
2019-10-28 21:49:25
Nickname: Rekkles
Previous names: -
My serial: 65513DD1AF10BDAA9E1CADD3FB6E9224
Date of birth: 08.08.2002
Location: Turkey
Playing since: 2014
Previous clans: [GF] [NBD] {vVv} [SR] [HC] [JJ] North!
I'm skilled at (DD or DM): DD
I play, played here: Turkiye-DD, -ffs-
Spoken languages: Turkish, English
Skype address: live:cid.bee0a0a53909f4bf (Eray Mert)
Maps I'm best on: Cross s15, Wankenstein DD
Why I want to join the clan: because i want to play with tryhard players and i want to show myself and i think we can enjoy together thats why i want to join ur team.
Why should we accept You: because i think im skilled player i can play all styles and im mostly active on mta so i can play on all cw's.
Other information: i mostly play computer games and football im enjoying of them.


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Re: Rekkles JR
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