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2022-03-23 19:12:43
Nickname: kennedy
Previous names: Mustafa
My serial: D688CDB65FDDFF818C800FCFB04EA1A2
Date of birth: 23.04.1998
Location: Trabzon
Playing since: 2010
Previous clans: SR,G4,R#
I'm skilled at (DD or DM): DD
I play, played here:-
Spoken languages: TR,ENG
Skype address: -
Maps I'm best on: Crooked GTA-PRO
Why I want to join the clan: I respect GoD clan.
Why should we accept You: I want play with new friends.
Other information: I have discord. kennedy#4763


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Re: kennedy
#1 2022-03-23 20:40:37
I'm sorry to inform you that our DD section is inactive. There's no point to accept any players to the team. Declined.


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