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Clan War Server Updates!
2024-05-13 16:20:29
Hello everyone, I know it’s been a long time since any kind of update arrived from the servers, so I'm going to break this good habit. In my spare time I've been doing a bit of cw server development as a hobby. I know the question is coming, why didn't I focus on the public servers instead? Well, because I felt like updating the cw servers first. :) Many of you have told me or asked me to make the server available without statistics, so I decided to make it available, and here are some of the updates:

1. Userpanel

It's not quite finished yet, as you can see, but some things, including the settings part are fully functional, so we are ready to use it.

2. Clanwar setup

We can set our own team’s maps and color, so we don’t always have to ask someone to set our clan’s color if we don’t have an admin rights. Once the game has started, we can’t modify the selected maps, and the selected maps are always automatically placed, so we can sit back and relax after the round has ended.

3. Clan War hud

It got a clean design, on the left side you can see the speckill and specchat status indicator icons, in the middle obviously info about the teams, the right side shows the life of those players who are in the same team with us.

4. Round infos

After the round has ended, it shows some information about what happened in that round.

5. Speed bar, Health bar, Race time hud

6. Killmessages, killstreak

7. Warning indicator, explosion counter

If we have low health, a flashing indicator appears that our life is low, and a thin line also flashes on the edge of the screen. When our vehicle has burned out, then a counter appears which is showing when the vehicle will explode.

8. Target enemy player

With the /tg [playername] command we can mark a player from the enemy team. This makes it easier to focus on a player.

9. Emoji images

10. Spawn protection

The spawn protection lasts for 5 seconds after the round starts, providing a ghost mode-like effect where players are invulnerable to damage during this period.

11. Mention players
We can mention someone with @playername. For example, those players who have minimized the game and someone mentions them, they receive an MTA notification.

12. Censore insulted words
Automatically replaces offensive or insulting words with *** in the chat, making it a bit harder to insult or provoke someone. Of course, it can be disabled.

And more..
All hud elements are fully responsive, which means they work perfectly well at lower resolutions, except the Clanwar setup, which is not yet. (because it will be redesigned anyway)

If you would like to try these out, feel free to join one of our cw servers. Also, if there is a demand for some of the developments to be transferred to the public servers, please let me know.

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Re: Clan War Server Updates!
#1 2024-06-08 13:00:26
Azért a mai világban, ahol migránsok randalíroznak, háború dúl a szomszéd országban, infláció van azért nem semmi! Munkád gyümölcse beért le a kalappal az egész csapat előtt aki ezzel foglalkozott gondolom nem kis munka van e mögött


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Re: Clan War Server Updates!
#2 Yesterday at 22:02:04
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