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2013-10-05 21:03:54
The second phase of GoD started at 11, November 2008, when I had the idea that we should re-establish the clan.
We started to contact the old members, some already came back. I hope, that we are going to be as good as a team as we were back then.


The clan broke up at 15 July, 2007. It ended the first phase, what you can read below.
Dr. Den and I are good friends. Some time back Den didn't have net, so unfortunately we couldn't play together very good games.
But it all changed in November, 2006, it was a big breakthrough! Den got net, what I'd rather not describe.

What matters is that he was here, so we started thinking what can we play. There were some options which we taught of, NFS, CS, and games
that required us to buy them. We couldn't find a good game which both of us had for some time, but then Den had a great idea! Lets play MTA!
I hadn't heard from it, but it looked interesting. We downloaded the game, and started getting familiar with it. It was very disappointing,
that there weren't too much Hungarian servers. We were playing on other servers for some time, until Den, with the help of Tibi, started one.
The next day, the clans most important sentence was said: "I'd rather want you to run the server, you have a better net."
That was when I "took over" the server. I was maintaining it, and Den was getting us maps from others, including doomgabor, whom I'm really thankful
for helping me at the beginnings, but I could rely on him later too. He was very helpful. So the server was running, it wasn't very busy, but it worked fine.
Around this time I got to know Máté, who was also very helpful. There were more and more players on the server, so we taught it was a good idea to form a clan.
Unfortunately I don't remember in which order did we hire players, but its not important anyway. The important thing was that the members were reliable and loyal.
The next important event was when I was doing my usual night-time inspection on the server. Someone came onto the server with the [GoD] prefix, whom I didn't know,
so I asked him to remove it. It was [GoD]Crys, and told me it was Den who took him in. I didn't believe it, but I asked Den in msn, and it was true.
Later I got to know Crys, and it turned out, he was going to have a 100 Mbit server, and wanted to create an MTA server.
We made a deal that I give him the clan, and the reputation, and I get the server.
With some difficulty, the server got 32 slots, and we were happily playing MTA with low pings. At the same time we became a known and influental part of
both hungarian and international MTA community.

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