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2016-07-12 11:38:07
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Let me explain you what exactly happened. Our well-known "GoD Yampika" started to threat everybody who kills him with ban or kick. Of course I take it as a joke but it wasn't. At the beginning he was nice guy to us but 10 mins after he joined he started with his shits. I saw how he wrote to other players that he will ban them if they kill him. 5 mins later I killed him because we weren't in a team with him and he kicked me. Look at the screenshots below and take care of those guys like him, please.


Take a look to this too.
[2016-07-12 12:28:05] [Output] : mch.x86: WHY KICK
[2016-07-12 12:28:18] [Output] : mch.x86: KICK BCZ I SHOT U
[2016-07-12 12:28:19] [Output] : mch.x86: GOOD
[2016-07-12 12:28:27] [Output] : [GoD]yampika: ye its good
[2016-07-12 12:28:33] [Output] : mch.x86: pf
[2016-07-12 12:28:39] [Output] : [GoD]yampika: i cant ban u if u want
[2016-07-12 12:28:43] [Output] : [GoD]yampika: can*

[2016-07-12 12:29:56] [Output] : [S8]Renta: ı will kill u
[2016-07-12 12:29:58] [Output] : [S8]Renta: next round
[2016-07-12 12:30:03] [Output] : [S8]Renta: you will see
[2016-07-12 12:30:05] [Output] : [GoD]yampika: i will ban u

Just because he has rights we should not kill him? I dont think so.
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Re: Complaint
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Csak próbálja utánozni Az abusert


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