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TentacioN | JR.
2019-06-12 14:40:42
My serial: A2837B02630B9EB009644E5FF9D4EA54
Date of birth: 2000.05.30 - 19 Years Old.
Location: I'm living in Azerbaijan.
Playing since: I'm playing since 2012.
Previous clans: [AL] | [FH] | xN |  - I know there's no more teams. Because i don't like jumping clan to clan.
I'm skilled at (DD or DM): Destruction Derby.
I play, played here: I am playing in FFS.
Spoken languages: Azerbaijan , Turkish , Russian , English.
Facebook Adress : Тентасион Гусен.
Maps I'nd The Walking m best on: Cross S15 - Destruction Water.
Why I want to join the clan: I like serious and permanent teams. I am thinking [GoD] is the best choice for me.
Why should we accept You: I don't know what to say actually. I've been playing a long time. I played so many clan wars since 2012 to today. I'm trusting myself. I have so many experience. I can be positive every event and i can be very helpful. I have a calm and patient character.
Other information: I like to play computer games in free times. My favorite games are MTA and Rocket League. I like to play single games too. The Witcher 3 is best game for me. Except this i like to watch TV series. My favorite series is Game of Thrones aDead. I'm watching Black Mirror this times.
I'm very active in the game during the day.
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Re: TentacioN | JR.
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