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Underwood's join request
2019-10-14 22:08:41
Takma adı: Underwood
Önceki isimler: -

Doğum tarihi: 2002.05.17 - 17 Yaşında.
Yer: Ben Türkiye'de yaşıyorum.
O zamandan beri oynuyor: 2013'ten beri oynuyorum.
Önceki klanlar: Dr. [LnD], , {vVv} - [JJ] [LnS] [ES]
Spoken dillerinde oynuyorum : Türkçe - İngilizce.
discord adresi: canlı: Underwood 38 55
Haritalar En iyilerim: Cross XL - Destruction Water-Crooked gta pro 

Why I want to join the clan: I am really pleased to see a successful team among :)
Why should we accept You: I don't know what to say actually. I've been playing a long time. I? played so many clan wars since 2013 to today. I'm trusting myself. I have so many experience. I can be positive every event and i can be very helpful. I have a calm and funny character???.


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Re: Underwood's join request
#1 2019-10-19 20:53:04


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